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Batting Cages

The batting cages at Red Oaks are available to all teams in divisions AA and above. During the week reservations start at 5:00PM, on Saturday and Sunday they start at 10:00AM. You must read and agree to the section in the By-Laws regarding the Batting Cages and Batting Cage Safety in order to obtain access (combination, etc). Managers will have an ID and Password which will allow them to reserve the cages for their team.


  1. Each team can reserve up to 4 - 30 minute slots per week (Monday to Sunday). Normally teams take both cages for one hour. However you may reserve the 4 slots in whatever manner you want (30 or 60 minutes, 1 or 2 cages).
  2. Teams can reserve cages up to two weeks in advance. A new week will be available starting each Monday.
  3. Reservations must be made at least one day in advance - no same-day reservations.
  4. Non-reserved cages are available on a first-come first serve basis. Please share (i.e., one tunnel per team) with a one hour time limit if other teams are waiting.
  5. Teams playing at ROM do not get use of the cages if they are reserved. On weeknights, teams playing should try to use the cages before 5:00.
  6. Use ONLY the yellow balls provided in the pitching machine. The machine provides better accuracy when using these balls. Regular baseballs require adjusting the machine beyond its normal range resulting in difficulties readjusting the machine back to the normal range. The machine also rips the regular baseballs (resulting in even less accuracy).
  7. Cages must be cleaned after use (all balls placed back in the buckets, cage locked if another team is not waiting, etc).

How To Reserve

  1. Follow the link on the managers resource page to get to the reservation system (http://pokbaberuth.org/battingCageSchedule.php)
  2. The yellow slots are available. Click on the day/time you'd like to reserve.
  3. Enter your ID and Password (if you are not prompted for an ID, you may still be logged in from a previous session).
  4. Select an open cage in the desired starting time slot. You will be prompted with the available cage slots for the 60 minutute window. Check the appropiate Cage/Times, confirm the date / time and click "Create Reservation"
  5. Refresh the browser to confirm your team is entered (blue).
  • Note: For the earlier times on Saturday/Sunday , click on "Show Earlier Time Slots". Click on "Show Later Times" to hide the earlier time slots.
  • Note: If you need to cancel/change the reservation just click on your team's reservation. You will be able to cancel any of the cage/times that were resrved when the reseration was created. Refresh the browser to confirm your reservation has been canceled. Cancellations must be made before the day of the reservation.
  • Note: If you need assistance send an email to battingcages@pokbaberuth.org

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